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A network of foods that creates time and freedom with commitment.  
Like "Japanese foods", "Hinai-Jidori"  and "Sake", are some of the famous food cultures that we can be proud to present to the world.

Hinai-Jidori(Japanese native chicken)

The Hinai-Jidori that we offer is the best chicken raised and processed under the thorough safety control at the Akita-pref Odate area.
The Hinai-Jidori chickens are breeded on a flat ground surface for 150 days or more and makes them move freely without stress.
This process helps produce the finest flavor of the chicken meat and brings out the delicious taste.
We can guarantee our customers that we will serve you the best Japanese cuisine with this Hinai-Jidori .

<Hinai-Jidori (Japanese native chicken)>
Hinai-Jidori(Japanese native chicken) has been raised in the northern part of Akita prefecture, Hinai area , where the name derived from.
Hinai-Jidori moves very actively, it fly around from branch to branch, and it may fly long distance.
It is the reason why Hinai-Jidori is rated more delicious than other chickens.

Hinai-Jidori is also a pure Japanese fowl and is academically valuable, so it was designated as a natural monument of the country in 1967. (So we can not eat freely.)

In addition, Hinai-Jidori was smaller body than ordinary chicken and not suitable for edible use, so in 1954 the livestock breeding ground from Akita prefecture was replaced by female of HInai-Dori and female of American native Rhode Island Red To produce one generation of hybrids, named this "Hinai-Jidori" and are currently sold in the market. The Hinai-Jidori being produced are almost 100% female. This is because females have a longer period of good taste of meat than males, so we chose to introduce females only in the state of chicks.

In Akita-pref in 1943, the Hinai-Jidori Production Committee was established, and in rearing, in order to obtain the original meat quality of the relative inside chicken, we set standards that are consistent with feed, breeding method, and breeding period, and classified as "old-fashioned" We are working on the production of Hinai-Jidori chicken in Japan by the best method of breeding.
* It was mainly for releasing, but for the countermeasure against avian influenza, it is currently the main chicken in the poultry house (the environment where chicken can move freely like free-lying).

Washoku(Japanese Foods)

"Japanese food"
A food culture that our Japanese people boast of the world.
I would like to provide the seasonal ingredients of the region with the most delicious cooking method centering on the local production of local products. Japanese food will be offered in our expression.

Sake(Japanese Liqueur)

Sake to keep sending out to the world.
We are offering a really tasty Sake that we deepen exchanges with our colleagues who brew Sake from many Sake stores in Japan.
(Photo: Mr. Matsumori, Nanbu-Bijin Brewery, Ninohe Iwate prefecture)